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Ace1 Construction: Together We Build

  The novelist Thomas Wolfe once wrote, “You Can’t Go Home Again.” For me, I never left. I have always known this is the place to live happily with my family, find purpose among the community and pursue my dreams. I am proud to be a son of Six Nations of the Grand River, the First Nations jewel whose very name means community, cooperation and peace. I was born and raised here, and learned values and lessons that have never failed me in business nor in life. Over the years, whenever I have seen a need in the community, I have tried to fill it. After founding a string of local businesses, from confectionery stores and a fueling station to the world-famous Burger Barn, I saw the need for a hometown-based construction company that would focus on residential and commercial projects in Six Nations. Today, across the territory, magnificent structures stand as a monument to the creation of that business, Ace1 Construction. Ace1 Construction is focused on providing quality, affordable homes for

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